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شرکت دانشگاهی حقوق مالکیت فکری تهران

About company

Iranian Law Firm of Intellectual Property Services (ILIPS) is the rare law firm that possesses the resources of any large, international firm while maintaining individual, personalized contact between the firm's attorneys and its clients.

ILIPS is regarded as a leader in its various areas of practice. It is based in Tehran University, and clients ranging from global corporations to individual inventors and entrepreneurs have successfully been granted patents and trademarks through ILIPS.

Attorneys at the firm also possess the experience and security clearances to assist government contractors with their patents and other intellectual property. While the firm has its roots in patent, trademark and copyright law, it has long since branched out and made a name for itself in a number of other cutting-edge intellectual property-based areas.

In fact, attorneys at ILIPS have been recognized by Iranian legal community for their expertise and involvement in cutting-edge intellectual property issues. Attorneys here have been featured in legal journals relating to such items as trademark, patent and copyright issues, just to name a few. Whether it is litigation and settlement negotiations to seeking a patent for a new tool or registering a trademark in Iran, we mention these to highlight the firm's ability to represent clients of all sizes who are engaged, or seeking to engage, in legal issues ranging from traditional to cutting edge. Attorneys at ILIPS have qualified, real world experience in the IP aspects of mechanical, biochemical, electrical and computer fields and also in regard to trademarks, service marks and franchising.

Our attorneys are capable of communicating with our clients through virtually any medium imaginable. Do not hesitate to contact us.