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Iranian Law Firm of Intellectual Property Services (ILIPS)    READ MORE
Iranian Law Firm of Intellectual Property Services (ILIPS)    READ MORE

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We pride ourselves on top quality work, superior customer service, state-of-the-art resources and competitive rates. Our law firm always attempts to be at the forefront of patent, trademark and copyright protection solutions. Since the beginning, our attorneys have expanded their practice to other cutting-edge areas. Attorneys at ILIPS cater to individuals, small businesses and large corporations alike. We are also in a unique position to assist government contractors with their intellectual property needs. Feel free to surf the web site to know your rights and tell us about your problems in getting full protection.

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Our law firm web site has tow purposes: 1. It provides insight into Iran legal atmosphere and also our law firm; 2. it seeks to educate and inform those who may be considering intellectual property legal services especially with regard to Iran laws. If you have any questions simply contact us and we will guide you along.

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